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With the release of ColdFusion MX 6.1 (Red Sky), ColdFusion will now run on the latest version of the Windows operating system. This article takes a brief look at the new features in Windows Server 2003 that may be of interest to CF developers and administrators. We'll also see how CFMX 6.1 integrates with Internet Information Services 6.0, the Windows Server 2003 version of the Microsoft Web server. What's New in Windows Server 2003? The most apt description of Windows Server 2003 I've heard is, slightly paraphrased, "It's the best version of Windows 2000 yet!" That is, it's not a sea change, but rather a welcome revision to an existing operating system. In that respect, I suspect it will be very exciting to those who currently manage numerous Windows servers. There are four new versions of Windows Server 2003. As with Windows 2000, there are Standard and Enterpris... (more)

What's the Well-Dressed Developer Wearing?

The life of a Web developer is never boring. Technology shifts so quickly that we refer to "Internet years" the same way we refer to "dog years." We're constantly bombarded with new buzzwords. It's a full-time job just keeping track of what they mean, much less knowing how to integrate them into development. That's one reason I like ColdFusion so much - it allows me to focus on other technology issues by making the middleware so simple. Developers are usually too busy performing their daily tasks to keep on top of new technologies; as a CTO, I don't have a real job, and can do th... (more)

CFHTTP Form submissions in 4.5

Whenever you use METHOD="POST" with CFHTTP under CF 4.5, it will post using the multipart/form-data encoding type, instead of the default application/x-www-urlencoded encoding type. This may break scripts which run in environments that don't handle the multipart/form-data encoding type well, such as ASP. Allaire has posted a patch for CFHTTP: http://www.allaire.com/Handlers/index.cfm?ID=14016&Method=Full Dave Watts Fig Leaf Software ... (more)